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People make the difference

Spotlighting Cerbios professionals, the company’s CCO shares his perspective on the value of people in the age of technology and explores Cerbios’ ‘People Make the Difference’ campaign, which is designed to celebrate employees and their contributions to our success.

Denis Angioletti, Chief Commercial Officer, Cerbios-Pharma

“At Cerbios-Pharma SA, we manufacture Drug Substances (DS) for the pharmaceutical market. As everybody else, this industrial sector is undergoing modernisation efforts, with a focus on incorporating more technology to improve process efficiency, sustainability, safety and quality assurance. While it’s common to assess a company’s strength and value based on its technological advancements, financial performance and investments, we believe the true core asset lies elsewhere.

“Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation are undoubtedly important buzzwords in today’s industrial landscape. However, are they truly the core factors driving success for a company? While these advancements can definitively contribute to growth and improve our efficiency, we firmly believe that the essential difference maker is people.

“We must never forget that a company is built by its people. We should prioritise them, encouraging them to leverage their passion, emotions, vision and even ambition in their daily work. Without this focus, simply adding more technology, while appearing impressive, may ultimately fall short of delivering desired results.

“Our company’s attention to reliance on people value, starts at the moment it hires new personnel – it is not just about hiring those with a fantastic curriculum vitae, which shows a talented professional; of course that is important, but it is even more important going beyond that to the person themselves, their personality, their sentiment regarding the job and to understand how that person can contribute to the community the company represents. Everyone brings their unique talents and much more than that to their individual work experience.

“The true recipe for success lies in synergising human talent with appropriate technology application. Fostering a positive company culture that values individual contributions and encourages open communication, idea generation and initiative-taking is crucial. We should also invest in our people’s development, well-being and overall sense of value within the company.

“People should always be a point in the agenda for investments: investing in your people, in their talent, in their well-being, in what make people know how important they are for what the company is doing; and also in having a general awareness of the value of the team.

“At Cerbios-Pharma, we are convinced that our people are our key asset and the foundation of our success. To celebrate their significance, we are launching the ‘People Make the Difference’ campaign this year. While past communication focused on highlighting advancements, technologies and investments, this year, we will amplify the voices of our employees. They will share their perspectives on the industry, their roles and their professional expertise, offering insights from various departments, including project management, supply chain, engineering, human resources and more. By showcasing these diverse perspectives, we aim to demonstrate the true source of our knowledge and expertise, and why we believe ourselves to be a premier player in the industry: because of our people.

“Through the ‘People Make the Difference’ campaign, we will not only celebrate our own incredible team, recognising their efforts, dedication and inspiring stories, but we also hope to ignite a spark in others. We believe that everyone has the potential to make a difference, both in their personal and professional lives, and ultimately contribute to a brighter future for the pharmaceutical industry as a whole.

“Let’s use this campaign as a springboard to inspire action, empower individuals and collectively shape a more positive future.”