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By Emmanuelle Bassmann, Founder and Managing Director of In-Trend

Emmanuelle Bassmann, Founder and Managing Director of In-Trend, explains how the beauty industry is moving to an emphasis on flexi

Emmanuelle Bassmann, Founder and Managing Director of In-Trend, explains how the beauty industry is moving to an emphasis on flexibility and function, with the rise of intelligent and hyper-flexible products.
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As consumers’ lives become busier, beauty routines and rituals need to be less rigid and fit in with their day to day lives. Consumers continue to look for new ways and opportunities to use their beauty products in order to maximize their routines, and are constantly on the lookout for ‘wonder’ products. There is a growing expectation that the beauty products consumers are purchasing are expert and are working harder. With this in mind, the beauty industry is moving to an emphasis on flexibility and function. Today’s beauty products need to be intelligent and hyper-flexible.
Activated beauty for optimum results is a key trend that we are seeing emerging. This includes athleisure beauty, which has seen the emergence of products that work alongside consumers’ workout routines. Beauty brands are seeking new opportunities within this area to enhance consumers daily beauty routines.
Activated beauty treatments are predominately heat-activated and work with sweat. These treatments work alongside consumer’s workout routines, from a high intensity spin class or yoga session. Sweat helps the products to penetrate deep into the skin. The aim is to maximize the side effects of workouts with beauty products that are physically triggered by exercise. Two leading examples applying this approach to their beauty offerings are:
  • Launching in March 2019, FaceGym Training Sticks are motion-activated skincare products that maximize the physical effects of a workout.  The serums produce better results for your skin the harder you work out. Applied to the face before exercise the hybrid fitness and beauty concept is built upon myology (the study of muscles) blended with dermatology. As wearers warm up the active ingredients are released to prepare the skin. Once the formula comes into contact with sweat, the encapsulated actives are absorbed into the skin. These products continue to work post-exercise as the skin-boosting effects lasts up to six hours, so there is no need for consumers to re-apply additional creams and serums post exercise.
  • Hot Head Microveil Hair Treatment is a leave-in treatment and conditioning mist that works when you work up a sweat. The nourishing product is beneficial for hydrating the hair, boosting body and adding shine, as well as preventing frizzy, flyaway strands. For maximum absorption, spray the lightweight formula throughout the hair and scalp. Braid, twist, or tie hair up prior to your yoga practice or other sporting activities. When the user has finished exercising, they can simply air dry their hair or use the nourishing oil for hair as a lightweight finishing mist. The calming aroma will give hair gorgeous shine without weighing it down. The non-greasy oil softens the scalp, conditions hair, and absorbs quickly — without leaving residue.
Today’s modern consumer is looking for time-saving solutions, and products that not only make their routines less time consuming but also take their beauty routines to a deeper level. Transforming everyday single beauty products into a complete treatment that takes advantage of daily routines such as exercise and maximising sweat is a new direction that beauty brands are adopting.
Consumers are all about multitasking, so looking for novel ways to introduce a new beauty routine into consumers’ lifestyles is going to be a winner. Brands need to look at the different areas of consumers lives and look at how a product can be utilised to work on a harder level. Intensifying the results of a beauty product through a new ritual means a happier consumer.
Emmanuelle Bassmann, Founder of In-Trend, will lead a session at in-cosmetic Global on ‘The new beauty routines’ at the Marketing Trends Theatre on Tuesday 2 April, 10.00 – 10.45 at in-cosmetics Global in Paris.
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