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CPHI Pharma Awards Winners 2023

CPHI Barcelona named the winners of the 2023 CPHI Pharma Awards—celebrating the industry’s top innovators, performers and outstanding achievements across 12 categories, spanning the entire industry supply chain. The winners have been recognized for delivering excellence in pharma and were unveiled during an invitation only ceremony on the opening evening of CPHI Barcelona.

The prestigious ‘CEO of the Year’ award was handed to Enrico Zodio from Procos. Enrico Zodio, was chosen by the judges for his forward-looking leadership. Since becoming CEO in 2010  Zodio has demonstrated an outstanding commitment, continuous growth through investments, innovation, and technology and of course a strong focus on sustainability and workforce.


The ‘Finished Formulation’ was claimed by Lubrizol Life Science Health for Apisolex Polymer

Apisolex polymer is the first solubility-enhancing excipient to be launched specifically for parenteral use in over 20 years. Comprised of building blocks naturally occurring in the body, Apisolex is a poly(amino acid)-based excipient that provides drug formulators with the necessary tools and methods to enhance the solubility of hydrophobic APIs by up to 50,000-fold.

Apisolex technology utilizes a novel amphiphilic multi-block copolymer structure that enables higher drug loading, with an API to solubilizer ratio of 40:100, and produces nanoparticles that are readily reconstituted in common diluents.

By drawing on its 40+ year legacy, Lubrizol Life Science Health has developed a non-immunogenic, biocompatible, and biodegradable alternative to PEG-based excipients. Furthermore, Apisolex excipient offers oncology, CNS, and high-value orphan drug formulators the tools necessary to unlock the potential of previously hard-to-formulate APIs, providing patients with access to life-changing therapeutics that otherwise may not have made it to market.

Catalent received the ‘Supply Chain Excellence’ for in recognition of its Case Management for Cell & Gene Therapie

The clinical and commercial market for cell and gene therapies is growing rapidly. Catalent’s Case Management Services have been specifically designed to address the unique challenges associated with the safe and timely delivery of these advanced therapies to patients, by providing professional supply chain oversight from a project’s start to its finish. Insights obtained directly from customers facing actual challenges as they are developing and delivering their therapies today, indicated to Catalent that there was an unmet and growing need for a highly specialised supply chain management service that could be customised for each customers’ unique project requirements.

GASPOROX AB received The ’Packaging & Machinery’ award for its AutoMAP Pharma

The GASPOROX AutoMAP™ Pharma is developed for non-destructive headspace analysis placed directly on existing conveyor belt or integrated into a packaging machine. The AutoMAP™ Pharma answers to the trend to do more automated inspection and high regulatory demands. The AutoMAP™ Pharma is an analyser that has the capability to inspect all products, i.e. the pharmaceutical packages, with an innovative laser-based technology with high accuracy and precision. AutoMAP™ Pharma is the first of its kind and opens up for non-destructive 100% inspection of thermically sealed parenteral which is a requirement in the newly updated Annex 1, where a suitable inspection tool has not been available.

The winner of ‘Start-Up Initiatives’ is InSyBio with InSyBio Suite

InSyBio is an international biotechnology pioneer company in precision medicine and nutrition with proprietary biodata analysis technology for biomarkers discovery, design of new drugs and/or nutritional products.

InSyBio Suite platform, a SaaS product for BioData analysis for Pharma and Nutrition Companies. InSyBio Suite is a cloud-driven SaaS (Software as a Service) application. Commercial version 2.7 was recently launched in January 2023 and has more than 700 users and evaluators worldwide. It is being offered in a single tool and whole Suite, 3 and 12 months licenses.

The ‘Manufacturing Excellence’ award was given to Luminary Therapeutics, Inc. Gamma 2.0 +

Luminary’s Gamma Delta 2.0+ is set to bring cell therapeutic products into the marketplace for under $100,000.  This 1st in class standard setting manufacturing platform does not sacrifice function in order to bring the cost of these therapies to the masses.  It’s well thought out approach on how to achieve both innate and adaptive cancer clearing CAR design for both solid and blood tumors will set the standard for future approaches on solving the challenges of the cell therapy industry.

Lambda Therapeutic Research Ltd. has won the CPHI Pharma Award in the ‘Regulatory and Compliance’ category for their Advanced Software Solutions and EDC Platform.

Advanced Software Solutions and EDC Platform at Lambda address the market’s need for digitization and software utilization in clinical research with aim to improve research efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, enhance data accuracy, and address data integrity concerns.  By leveraging advanced technological tools and processes, Lambda streamlines clinical data management activities. Their Electronic Data Capture (EDC) technology – BizNet and quality management software revolutionize data collection, accuracy, and compliance.

Medicsen received the ‘Drug Delivery & Device Innovation’ for Sonophoresis Smartpatch

Medicsen was founded to improve quality of life with chronic diseases.  They focus on improving quality of life for patients and have created a viable technology to achieve it.

Medicsen ́s SMARTPATCH is the first non-invasive wearable drug delivery device that covers all market needs by offering patient comfort, connectivity, recyclable residue & potential standardization.

The winner of ‘At the Heart of Pharma’ is Merck KGaA. The company is recognised for Embracing Carers®

Embracing Carers® is Merck’s carer-centric initiative launched in 2019 dedicated to better understanding and supporting the emotional, financial, and health implications of being an unpaid, or informal, caregiver. We are guided by the core belief that it is extremely important to not only focus on the patient experience but to also consider the insights and experiences of carers who are intimately involved in patients’ treatment and healing journey. We seek to give visibility to the invisible challenges faced by carers and elevate their voices to catalyse societal and institutional change in the recognition and protection of carers.

REACT4LIFE won the ‘Accelerating Innovation’ award for their MIVO® technology

React4life is a pioneering company with over 15 years of extensive research and development with the aim to transform biomedical research into tangible societal benefits by enhancing disease understanding and personalized therapy development.

The utilization of MIVO® technology presents a concrete opportunity to overcome the limitations of current pre-clinical phases and reduce the reliance on animal testing, aligning with ethical considerations and promoting more predictive results in human models. This advancement has the potential to transform the way research is conducted, allowing for more accurate and reliable models that closely mimic human biology.

The ‘Sustainability’ award was given to Schneider Electric for Energize: A Program to Increase Access to Renewable Energy for Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

The Energize program is a collaboration between 18 global pharmaceutical companies to collectively engage hundreds of suppliers in bold climate action and decarbonization of the pharmaceutical value chain. The program is a first-of-its-kind effort to leverage the scale of a single industry’s global supply chain in a pre-competitive fashion to drive system-level change. By proactively engaging with their suppliers to create renewable energy opportunities, the 18 convening companies are taking meaningful action to collectively address their electricity usage and inspire other industry sectors to follow suit.

Snapdragon Chemistry, a Cambrex company was awarded the ‘API Development & Innovation’ for the development of an ultra-high temperature (>300 °C) continuous flow manufacturing process for racemization of sotorasib (LUMAKRASTM) P-dione by product from the existing commercial manufacturing process. This enabling greener technology resulted in 58% reduction of PMI. With this innovation, the sotorasib process was the winner of 2022 US EPA Green Chemistry Challenge award.