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Elevating healthcare through quality, customisation and sustainability

By Giacomo Braglia, Communication and Marketing Manager, HAS* Healthcare

HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis, widely known by its initials (HAS), is a hub of innovation and excellence in healthcare manufacturing, now taking shape in the centre of Biasca, Switzerland.

The company has a rich history and a long-standing reputation for commitment, quality and sustainability that have helped it become established as a pioneer in the manufacturing industry. HAS, a full-service Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO), offers a full range of customised services for its clients – from lab development, to manufacturing, regulatory and approval, and beyond, specialising in high potency substances.

It develops and manufactures Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), cGMP Advanced Intermediates, High Potency APIs (HPAPIs) and Anti-cancer compounds for its clients from clinical to commercial supply, on an exclusive basis.

At HAS, the staff are passionate about tailoring their services to clients’ clinical and commercial manufacturing needs and going the extra mile to support them with their analytical and regulatory requirements. They specialise in the delivery of oncology and rare disease compounds, and hold a strong track record in reducing time to market for life-saving products in these areas.

Pillars of excellence

The core values that have governed HAS since its inception are the foundation for the company’s pillars of excellence. In the development and production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), cGMP Advanced Intermediates, High Potency APIs (HPAPIs) and Anti-cancer compounds, the company has achieved unparalleled success during its many years of business experience. With these successes, the enterprise has distinguished itself as a leader in the industry.

Quality development and manufacturing

Quality development and manufacturing are the cornerstones of HAS. Every product the company delivers satisfies the highest industry standards thanks to its unwavering commitment to these principles. It has built a reputation for precision, trust and consistency through a never-ending pursuit of excellence.

Customised solutions

Customisation is a key component in a world where healthcare needs are varied and changing all the time. This essential need is one that HAS is aware of and has placed at the centre of its operations. It takes pride in customising solutions to fit each client’s particular needs. These satisfy the challenging projects of its clients, whether they are for chemical development or the commercialisation of APIs.

Quality and safety prioritised

At HAS, quality and safety are more than just catchphrases; they serve as the cornerstone of all business operations. Quality is at the heart of everything it does. The strict quality control procedures in place at HAS help to reach a high industry standard. The company’s dedication to delivering the best solutions for its clients is demonstrated by its commitment to quality assurance.

Operational safety is of utmost importance to the business. To safeguard its workers, the public and the environment, HAS upholds stringent safety standards. The company’s commitment to ethical manufacturing and sustainable business practices is inextricably linked to these protocols. The business backs neighbourhood projects, educational initiatives and health-related public awareness campaigns. HAS recognises how closely its success is tied to the well-being of the community it calls home.

Commitment to sustainability

HAS is fully aware of its obligation to the community and to the environment. The business is dedicated to minimising and improving its impact on the environment, creating a standard for sustainability in the sector. HAS was honoured to receive recognition from Ecovadis, a renowned sustainability rating platform, and was given the rating of Ecovadis Gold, which is a very important achievement. This acknowledgement highlights the company’s commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

In addition, HAS has made proactive efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. The company’s dedication to environmental responsibility is demonstrated by its commitment to carbon neutrality. This important goal has been achieved as a result of the innovative and sustainable progress promoted by HAS over the last ten years, characterised by the desire to decarbonise its energy system and its production processes. The connection to the district heating system plant in Biasca is among the most important projects that have allowed the company to reduce its carbon footprint over the years. This has enabled it to reduce CO2e emissions related to the use of fossil fuels (diesel) by over 90% through the use of energy from forest biomass. Solar panels have also been placed on the roof of its plant in Biasca in order to try and gain some electricity from renewable energy. Due to all of these changes, it achieved carbon neutrality back in 2021.


HAS demonstrates a continuing interest in investing for the future of the company. Many investments have been made since its foundation in 1984, when the company began life with a few offices and an initial section of the plant with a number of reactors for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. Subsequently, the HPAPI facility was created and construction of the anti-cancer labs and facility were completed. The company has always endeavoured to deliver a cutting-edge service to clients on their key projects by investing in innovative technology whilst reducing the environmental impact of its activities. All this has transformed HAS to what it is today.

During past year, the company has built a new laboratory facility with innovative technology, such as wet milling to mill particles to deliver a better product to its clients, and added new areas, including the Quality Control Department.

The organisation will continue to invest in its plant, thus ensuring constant improvement of the facilities, which will guarantee its clients the best CDMO standard of products.

A vision for the future

Looking ahead, HAS imagines a time when healthcare not only focuses on treating illnesses, but also on preserving the environment and empowering local communities. The business is still committed to fulfilling its mission of providing customers with premium, unique, personalised solutions while setting the standard for ethical, sustainable manufacturing. It provides a shining example of what a healthcare company can accomplish when it combines unwavering commitment to quality, customisation and sustainability.


*HAS Healthcare has a rich heritage dating back to 1984. The company has successfully delivered clinical and commercial compounds to clients for nearly four decades, demonstrating its capabilities each time. This enduring legacy demonstrates the organisation’s dedication to excellence and innovation.