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Sunresin won the 2023 Forbes Asia Top 200 and was invited to attend the award ceremony

On November 21, the Forbes Asia Best Under A Billion Forum & Awards Dinner was held in Manila, Philippines. We are proud to announce that Dr. Gao Yuejing, chairwoman of Sunresin, has been invited to attend the award ceremony and has received for the second time this honour since 2020.

Christopher Forbes, Vice President of Forbes Media, gave the award to Sunresin and thanked and congratulated “As a high-tech innovative manufacturing company, Sunresin has performed incredibly in such an uncertain environment affected by inflation and the global economic uncertainty. It is really an outstanding company in the Asian market. .”

During the ceremony, Dr Gao Yuejing had extensive exchanges with entrepreneurs from Asian countries, discussing how enterprises in different industries can develop markets and manage supply chain, and exchanging views on coping with the changing international environment and allocating enterprise resources on a global scale. Dr Gao met with entrepreneurs from various Asian countries to discuss how companies in different industries can develop markets and manage product supply, and to exchange views on how to cope with the changing international environment and allocate corporate resources globally.

Forbes Asia’s Best Medium Enterprises list is a selection of listed companies in Asia with annual revenue of less than US$1 billion, selecting 200 outstanding companies from more than 20,000 companies. There are only 30 companies from mainland China on this year’s list, and Sunresin has been selected for the second time. The list covers all aspects, including consumption, logistics, manufacturing, emerging industries, etc., with a small proportion of companies shortlisted as high-tech and innovative manufacturing companies. Sunresin is one of the few innovative and high-tech manufacturing companies in the field of new materials, so it is very attractive. Sunresin has once again been ranked among the top 200, which fully demonstrates the success of Sunresin in the Asian market. As the company’s overseas strategy continues to enlarge, Sunresin has a brilliant future in the global market.