Alfa Smart Agro installs crop protection package line at plant in Ukraine

Ukrainian agrochemical company Alfa Smart Agro has installed an automated crop protection agent package line at Bila Tserkva preparative forms plant (Kyiv region). The company said that the launch of the line was financed from investment in the development of the plant. Total investment for 2017-2018 would be UAH 90 million.
The line control is computerized. The line services production of herbicides. Its production capacity is 3,600 liters per hour on average.
The company said that the installation of the package line is one of the stages of modernization of production. Soon the similar line will be installed in the pesticide production workshop.
Bila Tserkva preparative forms plant was opened in 2016. It produces crop protection agents and micronutrient fertilizers. Today, its annual capacity is 11,400 tonnes, which allows covering around 15% of the needs of the Ukrainian market.