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Aptar and Yves Rocher help consumers to control shower gel dosage

To allow Yves Rocher to develop its ultra-concentrated I Love My Planet Shower Gel, Aptar Beauty + Home has devised a customized SimpliSqueeze closure that offers superior dispensing control for improved consumer convenience and protection of the environment.

Committed to biodiversity and environmental protection, France’s Yves Rocher Laboratory has developed an ultra-concentrated shower gel formula aiming at reducing the volume plastic packaging wastes and improving the overall environmental impact of the product. In order to avoid excessive use of the product by consumers who are still not accustomed to this type of formula, the brand was looking for a suitable dispensing system.

To address this technical challenge, Aptar Beauty + Home, in collaboration with Yves Rocher, has developed a customized Snap Top closure assembled with the SimpliSqueeze silicone valve. This valve allows clean dispensing without spilling and dripping of the formula.

Simply squeeze the bottle and the dispensing closure delivers just the right amount of shower gel: the consumers can dispense as much as they want, where they want. Releasing the pressure on the bottle ensures clean product cut-off and no product is wasted. Additionally, the temperature resistance of the silicone valve guarantees superior dispensing control even in the shower environment with temperature variations.

The result: a 100-ml shower gel offering 40 uses, i.e. as much as a 400-ml bottle! As an extra bonus, its 100-ml size allows it to be carried in hand luggage on a plane.

According to Aptar, the reduction in packaging due to the reduced content spectacularly decreases the environmental footprint, with a 50% reduction in the amount of plastic required and an equivalent reduction in greenhouse gases.