Atticus introduces complete pyriproxyfen product suite

Atticus announces a full suite of pyriproxyfen branded insect growth regulators to meet the specialized needs of its specialty crop and professional market customers.

Pyriproxyfen mimics a natural hormone that disrupts the growth and development of young insects and insect eggs, creating a very effective way for growers to protect their crops from invasive species. The Atticus suite includes six products, each formulated and packaged to meet specific needs and regions. Reemit 0.86 EC (comparable to Esteem 0.86 EC) is formulated for California’s specialty market/citrus while Reemit 35 WSB (comparable to Esteem 35 WSB) protects stone fruits, strawberries, apples and citrus. Cusack 0.86 EC (comparable to Knack) offers control on cotton crops in the Southeast region. Braize 35 WSB (comparable to Seize) protects tree nut, stone fruit and pome fruit crops while Defiance 0.86 EC (comparable to Distance) is formulated for ornamentals, ground cover and non-bearing fruit trees. Reemit 0.5 G Fire Ant Bait (comparable to Esteem Ant Bait) offers robust control of fire ants and rounds out Atticus’ pyriproxyfen portfolio. The product chart offers additional details.

Pyriproxyfen has been proven to effectively combat insect infestations without harming beneficial insects and, according to Atticus Founder and CEO, Randy Canady, “The original pyriproxyfen brands were nicely formulated, branded and packaged by specific market segment. The crop-specific customization is also consistent with one of our core pillars; relevance. We felt compelled to follow this market leadership and proven success with an Atticus-branded portfolio that brings simple, reliable solutions to our customers.”

Based in Cary, NC, Atticus LLC manufactures a growing portfolio of relevant branded-generic fungicides, herbicides and insecticides for the US row crop, specialty agriculture and professional market. The company’s focus is to provide the right products, at the best value, with efficacy and availability that customers can trust. American-owned, privately held and personally financed, Atticus is vested in being the off-patent company with the experience and insight to support customers better.