Materials Science

BASF to present new solutions covering the needs of customers

At the 2019 European Coatings Show (ECS), which is going to take place in Nuremberg from March 19 to 21, BASF experts and specialists from BTC, the European distribution organization of BASF, will present new raw materials for the coatings, paint and construction industries at booth 523 in hall 7A. The broad range of products offered by BASF includes dispersions, resins, additives, light stabilizers, antioxidants, pigments, hardeners, cross-linking agents, reactive diluents and solvents.

More durable waterborne coatings for white pigmented furniture
White coated furniture is becoming more and more popular, especially in living rooms and kitchens. However, in everyday life it can easily happen that colored liquids such as coffee or red wine leave irreversible stains on bright furniture surfaces – a major problem particularly for waterborne coatings. This does not have to be: Due to the new, physically drying resins, the recently launched Joncryl® 95XX series, furniture coatings end up with high levels of chemical resistance against aqueous stains even after 16 hours of exposure (according to DIN 68861-1B); they are also suitable for DIY-applications. Furthermore, Dispex® Ultra PX 4575, a dispersing agent for water-based systems, supports excellent chemical resistance and leads to greatly improved storage stability and anti-sedimentation behavior. For industrial UV applications, where immediate availability of properties is necessary, BASF developed Laromer® UA 9135 Aqua. The UV curable dispersion is designed for the formulation of highly resistant furniture coatings, fulfilling latest regulations and technical properties. It does not contain stenomeric monomers and Bisphenol A (BPA), offers immediate chemical and scratch resistance and is very compatible with mixing components (e.g. acrylic combination partners).

Non-reactive but highly protective industrial floor coatings
The screeds used in industrial buildings such as warehouses and cellars must withstand high levels of abrasion stress. Therefore, they are often coated with epoxy floor coating systems. From now on, there will be a waterborne alternative to conventional reactive systems: The new dispersion Acronal® 5522 for mineral surface protection combines the required performance with sustainability features. Floor coatings based on this acrylic composite polymer do not require labelling and can be applied easily.

Classical ternary self-levelling underlayments
Self-levelling underlayments (SLUs) gain increasing acceptance, when it comes to ensuring smooth and crater-free surfaces for subsequent floor installations. No wonder, as they can be applied easily and offer good mechanical properties compared with conventional methods. Melflux® SELECT 4411 F constitutes a new PCE based superplasticizer that has been specifically designed for classical ternary SLUs. This new superplasticizer in powder form enables longer slump retention and improved temperature robustness as well as compatibility with all kinds of fruit-based acids. Due to a reduced retarder dosage customers benefit from cost savings and achieve better hardening properties.

Adhesion all-rounder for 1K and 2K polyurethane primer applications
Universal adhesion performance on various substrates, low solvent demand and formulation robustness combined all in one solution offers Basonol PU 1035 W. This very flexible OH-functional aliphatic polyurethane dispersion (PUD) is suitable for 2K polyurethane (PUR) primer applications ideal for plastic and 1K melamine w/wo blocked polyisocyanate crosslinking primer applications on metal substrates. It does not contain any organic solvents e.g. N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidon (NMP) or N-Ethyl-2-pyrrolidon (NEP) and can be used as universal blending partner for acrylic dispersions.

Strong protective shield for coating surfaces
With regard to many coating applications customers increasingly require products that combine aesthetics with additional coating functionalities such as improved durability, reduced dirt pick-up and easy-to-clean features. Hence, BASF enhanced its Formulation Additives portfolio with a novel concept of coating surface modification: It is based on fluoro-modified block copolymers that crosslink with the binder matrix. The block copolymers align at the top surface layers via self-organization and are fixed in the right place, which leads to improved durability and weathering resistance of the surface as well as additional functionalities such as an easy-to-clean effect. The new concept is suitable for various types of applications such as automotive clearcoats or industrial top coats.

“Our customers in the coatings sector are facing diverse challenges resulting from ever-changing overall conditions such as new consumer requirements and environmental standards. The ECS trade fair is a welcome opportunity for us to continue the close ongoing dialog with our customers on market needs and drive innovations,” says Christoph Hansen, head of the Dispersions & Resins Europe business unit.

BASF offers the broadest global range of raw materials for the formulation of coatings and paints in the field of architectural coatings, construction, automotive, industrial coatings, furniture and flooring as well as raw materials for powder coating resins.