Bayer CropScience inaugurates formulation plant in India

Bayer CropScience has inaugurated a new plant at its Himatnagar site in North Gujarat, India. 
The site now has five state-of-the-art formulation plants which is spread over 4.3 acres, and employs 104 full-time workers. With this plant, the company will expand its production of Suspension Concentrates. These eco-friendly formulations will be used in Bayer’s Crop Protection and Environmental Science products. 
“This new plant will enable us to expand our production capacity by 25 per cent and will support the growth of our Crop Protection and Environmental Science business in South Asia. It will also help us deliver products faster to our customers, while ensuring the highest standards of quality,” said D Narain, Senior Bayer Representative, South Asia.
The site commenced operations in 1991 with the production of Folidol dust formulations. Over the years, it has undergone significant changes with the introduction of new generation formulations like Suspension Concentrates (SC), Water dispersible granules (WG) and Oil dispersion (OD).
As of today, the site is a major exporter of WG products to various regions across the world.