Bayer launches pre-seed grass herbicide 'Olympus'

Bayer has announced the launch of the Olympus System, a revolutionary pre-seed grass herbicide that breaks the cycle of problem weeds like foxtail barley, wild oats, and bromes, such as Japanese and downy brome. With the Olympus System, growers can have the systematic approach they need through a pre-seed application, which can be followed by an in-season application of a herbicide like Varro, Luxxur or Velocity in order to control subsequent flushes.

“At Bayer, we recognize that weeds like foxtail barley and wild oats have become harder to control for the majority of Prairie based growers,” says James Humphris, Crop Manager, Cereals at Bayer. “Delivering more consistent, longer-term control and action on tough to manage weeds, Olympus gives growers the confidence of a clean field and peace of mind that they are taking the steps needed to maximize yield.”

Almost half of growers across the US Prairies are now reporting that foxtail barley impacts wheat production on their farm, which is not surprising as more growers practice direct seeding and reduced tillage. To-date, wheat growers have been challenged to find a selective in-crop herbicide for control of foxtail barley, making the Olympus System a unique solution.

“The Olympus System gives growers the control they need to continue a no-till practice with confidence,” says Humphris. “With foxtail barley increasing in abundance across the prairies, the Olympus System is the targeted pre-seed solution growers have been waiting for.”

The Olympus System offers the systematic approach that growers need, with a unique pre-seed solution that allows them to maintain re-cropping flexibility in all soil zones, so they can focus on other critical management decisions. Recent Olympus System trials demonstrated excellent control, with sequential in-season applications. It offers true re-cropping freedom in all soil zones for the following crops: canola, lentils, field peas, flax, barley, oats, spring wheat, durum wheat, winter wheat, soybean and dry bean.