Belchim launches natural alternative to glyphosate in Portugal

Belchim Crop Protection announced the launch of natural herbicide Bromory in the Portugal market. It is an alternative to glyphosate for use in the control of weeds for fruits and vegetable growers or even for domestic environments and gardens. 
Bromory is produced based on the pelargonic acid (500gr/L), a natural substance extracted from plants, and common in nature. According to the maker, it has an “innovative formulation and acts through contact, assuring effectiveness over the most problematic weeds”. 
Belchim Crop Protection highlighted that this is a product that does not persist in the soil, degrading quickly, without toxicological or “ecotoxicological” classification. “It is a reference product in other countries, where it is part of used solutions for biocontrol and biological agriculture. It is easy and safe to apply, without noise risk, vibration or danger to the user, and friendly to the environment.”
The product will enter the distribution channel specialized in packages of 250 milliliters and one liter, and will be distributed exclusively in Portugal by the company, Atlanlusi.