Belchim launches natural alternative to glyphosate

Belchim Crop Protection has just launched Katoun Gold (500 g/L fatty acid pelargonic acid), a natural herbicide that guarantees to be an effective alternative to glyphosate, for the management of vegetable coverage in urban areas and roads. Katoun Gold is a product based on pelargonic acid, a natural substance extracted from plants and common in nature. It has an innovative formulation and acts through contact, ensuring effectiveness over the most troublesome weeds. The product is already available in Portugal, where it is sold by Fitosistema.
According to Laurent Dartouh, European head of the non crop segment, “The management of weeds should always be done by taking into account the location and its biodiversity, and this should be done with the smallest impact on human and the natural environment. Katoun Gold is an innovative tool for the management of vegetable coverage in urban areas and roads, which will ensure effectiveness and will help control the weeds in locations where it is necessary.”
The product has no persistence in the soil, and degrades very quickly without toxicological classification. It is a reference product in France and other countries, where it is part of solutions used for biocontrol and organic farming.
“It is easy and safe to apply, without the risks of noise, vibration and is safe for the operator that some mechanical and thermal means can have,” the company emphasized. It has a double effect that controls weeds and moss.
The product was presented in February, with the city of Idanha-a-Nova being the first municipality to integrate the International Network of Bio-Regions, where the goal is to implement a sustainable development strategy.