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Brenntag and Kaneka announce collaboration with new Personal Care ingredient line

Brenntag Specialties, part of the Brenntag Group, announces a new collaboration with Kaneka Corporation for the distribution of the KANEKA Surfactin Line in the United States.
The KANEKA Surfactin Line reduces the use of other surfactants and acts as an inhibitor for acne bacterial growth. In addition, this line is suitable for sensitive skin and is compatible with various alcohols and cationic ingredients. 
The line includes:
  • KANEKA Surfactin – 100 percent natural, easily biodegradable, and highly sustainable product
  • KANEKA Premixed SQ401 – a pre-blend gel used for gelling oil and emulsification
  • KANEKA Premixed TC301 – a pre-blend gel used for gelling oil and emulsification
“The KANEKA Surfactin Line is an exciting addition to our Personal Care portfolio,” said Kim DelSordo, President of Brenntag Specialties, Inc. “Our Personal Care chemists have developed an innovative prototype highlighting Kaneka’s newest technology. From our lab, to our sales team, to our customer base, Brenntag continues to provide technical support, innovative product development, and starting point formulations with our full-line of Personal Care ingredients.”
Kaneka, headquartered in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, has been in the market for over 70 years. Kaneka’s four solution units consist of business segments that span functional plastics, expandable plastics, electronics products, synthetic fibers, life science products, foodstuffs, and chemicals.
“Our company focuses on technology and innovation. We seek the same from partners such as Brenntag Specialties, where we create new business to satisfy current market needs and anticipate future requirements. We are devoted to improving the quality of life by developing more sustainable and environmentally conscious products,” said Yoshifumi Okamoto, Senior Manager, in the New Business Development Department of Kaneka Corporation.