Chile reauthorizes and extends use of STK's Timorex Gold

STK bio-ag technologies, the innovative Israel – based leader in bio-ag technology for sustainable crop protection and aquaculture, is announcing the country of Chile has reauthorized the use of its TIMOREX GOLD botanical-based biofungicide through the year 2022, and has extended its use to additional crops.
TIMOREX GOLD has been used throughout Chile since 2012, but is now authorized for Stone Fruits (apricots, peaches, nectarines, cherries, plums) to control a variety of diseases, including Pudricion parda (Monilia fruticola), Oidium (Sphaerotheca pannosa vs persicae), and Tizon de la flor (Pseudomona Syringae pv persicae). Chile has also authorized its use on additional crops, including Raspberries, Blackberries and Kiwis to control Pudrición Gris (Botrytis cinera), and Onions to prevent Foliar and Stern Blight (Peronospora destructor and Stemphylium vesicarium).
According to STK CEO Guy Elitzur, “TIMOREX GOLD is providing Chilean growers with a residue-free, botanical-based method for successful resistance management, increased yield and quality, and more competitive crops globally. This is why the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture has authorized the extension and expansion of its use. Local growers interested in trying TIMOREX GOLD may contact STK Chile directly by visiting the STK web site.”