Cosmetics & Personal Care

Clariant empowers beauty formulators with advanced hair and skin innovations

Clariant, a world-leader in specialty chemicals, will take part again this year in the in-cosmetics Asia exhibition, to be held 30 October – 1 November at the Bangkok International Trade &Exhibition Centre (BITEC) in Thailand. To answer the call from consumers to get more everlasting effects out of beauty products, Clariant will exhibit under the theme of “care in a timeless era,” in which three innovative new hair care ingredients will be showcased along with active ingredients that are dedicated to fight skin fatigue from an impaired circadian cycle.
“We are excited to unveil our expanded product portfolio to cater to current and future needs of our customers in Asia, such as our latest natural actives from Korea; our extended range of natural extracts from Indonesia; and our latest Genadvance and Aristoflex products aimed to deliver superior hair conditioning and new texture and sensory for hair care and skin care,” said Francois Bleger, Head of Clariant Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties, Asia Pacific.
Genadvance: ground-breaking conditioning ingredients
Unveiled in Asia for the first time during in-cosmetics will be three revolutionary conditioning ingredients under the advanced hair care Genadvance range that deliver new specific benefits for the end-consumers. With ingredients proven to surpass current quats in applications such as rinse-off conditioners and conditioning shampoos, the Genadvance series enable the development of individualized products for very damaged, dry and lifeless hair. Additionally, novel formulation formats can be accessed with Genadvance, enabling formulators to satisfy consumers not only with performance but also the look and feel of cosmetic products.
  • Genadvance Repair aims to do what its name promises, making damaged hair sleek, smooth and healthy again. It also prevents further damage significantly better than current damage-protecting ingredients. Furthermore, Genadvance Repair is probably the most weight efficient ingredient in its class, making it very economical. Suitable applications include masks and treatments, shampoos and conditioners.
  • Genadvance Life aims to bring hair back to life and can be used in both shampoos and conditioners. As a conditioning ingredient, it is particularly effective on thin and limp hair, revitalizing its volume and shine. It will not leave hair frizzy, can be used in many hair care formats (especially silicone-free products) and it is eco-friendly.
  • Genadvance Hydra is a 100% naturally derived and EcoCert approved ingredient that addresses hair’s everyday wear and tear. Derived from a family of natural moisturizers, it delivers a great after-feel on dry hair, leaving it moisturized and manageable. Genadvance Hydra can also be used at high levels and in products for children. It is ideal for natural hair care products, shampoos and conditioners. 
Within the Genadvance range, Genadvance Hydra and Genadvance Life have been awarded with Clariant’s EcoTain sustainable excellence label for providing sustainable benefits above market standard.
“We are delighted to introduce the next generation of hair conditioning agents. Genadvance offers specialized solutions to respond to the hair challenge of mechanical manipulation, heat, chemicals, and everyday elements. It opens a host of new possibilities for formulators to develop new conditioning products that cater with differentiations and innovations to satisfy the needs of consumers,” said Guido Appl, Head of Sales and Application for Personal Care / Industrial and Home Care, Clariant Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties, Asia Pacific.
Nobel Prize-inspired B-Circadin active ingredient for advanced skin repair
Furthermore, Clariant will feature at in-cosmetics Asia the ground-breaking active skin care ingredient B-Circadin, dedicated to fighting the effects of skin damage caused by disruptions to skin’s circadian rhythm from stressors in daily life. Developed by Clariant Active Ingredients, B-Circadin maintains the vital synchronization of skin’s circadian cycle, rapidly improving complexion while decreasing puffiness and dark circles.
Inspired by a 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine work, awarded for discoveries in how molecular mechanisms control circadian rhythm, Clariant Active Ingredients and its partner, BioSpectrum, have further advanced the knowledge of both the biological responses to this critical cycle and what occurs when it is disrupted.
Stress, jetlag, shift working hours, intense lifestyles and even exposure to blue light emissions from ubiquitous electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones, are examples of how the body’s circadian clock may be disrupted, leading to the deregulation of the skin’s circadian rhythm, which causes the skin to show signs of fatigue and making it more prone to aggressions.
B-Circadin is extracted from the Lespedeza Capitata plant, grown and harvested in South Korea where it is used for its medicinal properties. The circadian cycle regulating human skin also regulates the rhythm of certain plants, accounting for some leaves and flowers opening during daytime and closing at night. Containing two key glycosylated flavonoids directly involved in circadian clock maintenance — carlinoside and isoschaftoside — B-Circadin emulates the ability to resynchronize the circadian cycle within skin cells to regulate rhythm-dependent biological functions such as aquaporin-3 and Nrf2 pathway detoxification efficacy. On a unique synchronized skin model, when exposed to blue light as a stressor to deregulate the circadian rhythm, essential biological functions improved. B-Circadin also blocks the direct oxidative stress induced by blue light radiating from digital screens.
Clariant’s team of technical and customer service teams will be on site at their booth No.J40 in Hall 101-103 of the Bangkok International Trade &Exhibition Centre (BITEC) during the three-day exhibition to provide visitors further information on Clariant’s products and solutions.