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Clariant introduces additives for sustainable coatings solutions to North American market at ACS 2018

 Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, debuts new sustainable additives to support new challenges, product claims and the increasing demand within North America for more sustainable coatings solutions at American Coatings Show (ACS) 2018.

Its regional unveiling of advanced surface solutions, flame retardants and performance additives extends current possibilities for coatings manufacturers to sustainably improve the safety, protective lifetime, and aesthetic performance of waterborne and solventborne coatings and respond to rising environmental demands and lifestyle, mobility and urbanization trends.

Highlights at ACS 2018 include products for wood, automotive and architectural applications address key challenges facing coatings manufacturers, such as reduction of VOCs and halogen content, formulation efficiency and flexibility, and renewable ingredients. They include those distinguished with Clariant’s EcoTain label for their outstanding sustainability and performance excellence.

Multifunctional/multi-usage toolbox “allrounder”
Clariant introduces a new high-performance light stabilizer to the formulator toolbox suitable for all kinds of highly durable clear and pigmented coatings and numerous applications, including automotive clear coats, plastic coatings, coil coatings and high-end wood coatings. Hostavin TB-03 is a synergistic combination of a high performance UV absorber and a hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS), characterized by its broad compatibility in solvent-borne and waterborne coatings.

Superior UV stabilization against the adverse effects of outdoor weathering
Possibilities to sustainably extend the performance lifetime of wood and plastic coatings and automotive refinishes receive a boost. AddWorks LXR 308 AP is a liquid light stabilizer offering excellent low in-can colour and long lasting UV efficiency to vehicle refinishes clearcoat. For wood, facade and plastic coatings, Hostavin 3070 offers outstanding weathering and resistance to migration and bleaching. Hostavin 3070 powder and Hostavin 3070 dispersion offer a “label free” alternative to traditional HALS used in solventborne and waterborne systems respectively.

Hostavin 3070 dispersion has been awarded the Clariant EcoTain label for outstanding sustainability and best-in-class performance. For solvent-borne and waterborne clear and stain exterior wood protective coatings for high-end applications, Clariant offers Hostavin 3326 (dispersion and powder) which – used synergistically with Hostavin 3070 – acts as an excellent UV-protective system.

Renewable-based micronized hard waxes for surface modification
Specifically for water-based wood coatings, Clariant now offers North American coatings manufacturers the opportunity to use two new renewable material-based high-performance waxes with comparable performance to standard types. Ceridust 8090 TP creates a protected and smooth surface with the pleasant feel of untreated wood. Ceridust 8091 TP combines smoothness with very high scratch resistance. Both are awarded the Clariant EcoTain label.

Long-life non-halogenated intumescent coatings for attractive steel constructions
Exolit AP 435 is a ground-breaking new halogen-free flame retardant that prolongs the shelf-life of water-based intumescent coatings without affecting fire protection properties. Coatings containing Exolit AP 435 have a low and stable viscosity, even in cold environments and after long storage, offering customers increased flexibility on the construction site. The fine-particle ammonium polyphosphate has the same high quality and performance level as Clariant’s well-known Exolit AP 422 and both carry the Clariant EcoTain label.

Tyler Kilgannon, Head of Sales North America at Clariant, comments: “For Clariant, greater sustainability for our customers goes beyond supporting them with renewable-based or more environmentally-compatible ingredients. It’s about boosting their efficiency in creating coatings with longer-lasting performance or greater functionality and aesthetics. For us it is key that they can meet the increasing expectations from their end-customers, whether consumer or industrial. We are excited to introduce additives solutions at ACS 2018 that will help the North American coatings markets to embrace evolving trends, while addressing safety and environmental challenges.”

The American Coatings Show 2018 will be held at the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, USA from April 10-12, 2018. More information on Clariant’s high-performance additives featured at the show is available at