Materials Science

DSM introduces 'Skins' - a new addition to its coating resins portfolio

DSM has announced the latest addition to its coating resins portfolio – Skins by DSM, a special series of resins that enhances a key element for graphic and packaging design: touch. The resins, launched via the characters Rubbert Skins, Silky Skins and Vel-Veeto Skins create a world of feel opportunities for food and non-food packaging whether on coated or uncoated paper, board, plastics and even aluminum and let customers engage with products and their design in a new way.
Graphic and packaging solutions have become the extensions of customers’ brand impressions. With modern high-speed coating technologies, simple plastic or carton packages can be transformed into packages that gains sensory attention that support the image of a brand owner or positively affect consumer behavior.

To understand the impact of ‘feel’ for graphic and packaging design, DSM measured and analysed the feel impact of more than 400 different materials and functional structures via a Haptic Innovation Process. With this knowledge and the insights of the printing and packaging process, the first three Skins feel coating resins have been developed: Rubbert, Silky and Vel-Veeto.
In addition to its nice touch, the rubbery surface of Rubbert helps with grip and enhances the ergonomics of designs. It works harmoniously with human anatomy or creates more visibility to text and graphics on the shelf.

Silky silk varnish might be beautiful but has a very practical side too. The low viscosity makes it well suited for use in flexographic printing or varnishing units.

Vel-Veeto reproduces the classy sensation of velvet to give packaging a premium feel. Due to the resin’s irregular surface landscape plus high transparency, there’s very low light reflectivity. This enhances colour depth so colours remain true even at different shelf heights.