Eurofins Agroscience Services acquires testing facility in France

Eurofins Agroscience Services, the leading global service provider for agrochemical testing, recently announced the acquisition of a dedicated seed testing facility based in the main maize area production in Garlin (Aquitaine), France.

Seed testing on maize is the primary service offered from this facility though many other crops such as sweetcorn, vegetables, oilseed rape, soybean, sunflower and cereals are offered.  A wealth of benefits is passed to our clients such as expert know-how, technical advice and competencies, flexibility and efficiency.

Services include:

•    Plant line purification (PLP activity)

•    Plant line maintenance (PLM activity)

•    Pathology

•    Trialling

•    Trial seed production

Additionally, application for GEP accreditation for this new facility is planned for autumn 2018.

The new station comprises office space, a lab, cool chamber, storage and dryer, and is specifically adapted for all types of seed activity (including seed treatment) and plant protection activity. The onsite equipment is comprehensive and specialised for seed related services.

The location is in the main maize area production in France (Aquitaine) where climate and agronomical conditions are the best for maize production.

Thomas Levasseur, MD EAS France comments, “This acquisition is key for us in terms of developing our in-house seed services – we plan on increasing competences further by recruiting staff who are established seed specialists both in France and more generally across the EAS network.”