FMC's Prevathon insect control approved for use in california

Prevathon insect control from FMC has been approved and labeled for use in California on alfalfa, corn, cotton, sunflowers, sorghum and other crops. Prevathon insect control delivers highly effective worm complex control and excellent control of other insect pests to help produce higher yields for a range of row and specialty crops. 
“California growers now have a new powerful option in the fight against insecticide resistance that will help them reach optimum yields and quality potential,” said Sally Feeley, FMC insecticide product manager. “In addition, Prevathon insect control can be used as part of an integrated pest management program (IPM). This is another example of the continued commitment from FMC to provide California growers with solutions that help conserve beneficials and pollinators to ensure a profitable and sustainable growing environment.” 
Prevathon insect control, powered by Rynaxpyr active, a Group 28 insecticide, delivers long-lasting crop protection to many pests that have developed resistance to products with other modes of action. Key species controlled include: alfalfa looper, armyworms, corn earworms, cotton bollworms, European corn borers, sugarcane borers and other key worm complexes. 
Prevathon insect control offers flexibility in application because it starts working within minutes and maintains long-lasting protection, with a four hour re-entry period and short PHIs. Additionally, Prevathon insect control will not flare mites or other secondary pests.