Glenmark works with South Korea's SCD on ophthalmic products

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has entered into an exclusive agreement with South Korea’s Sam Chun Dang Pharm (SCD) to develop, manufacture and market a portfolio of six ophthalmic products in the US and Canada. Under this agreement, these products will be developed and manufactured by SCD in South Korea. Glenmark will seek all market authorizations and commercialize the products in North America.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals President, North America & Global API, Robert Matsuk said the agreement for these ophthalmic products is aligned with the company’s strategy to strengthen its focus on complex generic formulations. “Our strategic partnership with SCD supports our objective to expand the product offerings of our complex generic portfolio,” he added.

It is expected that Glenmark will file six abbreviated new drug applications (ANDAs), beginning in the first half of 2019, for the licensed SCD ophthalmic products.Citing IMS sales figures, Glenmark said the US brand sales for the six products was approximately USD 1.7 billion in the calendar year 2017.