Water Treatment

Kemira announces first completion of capacity expansion in water treatment chemicals production in the UK

Global chemicals company Kemira announces the first completion of a two-step capacity expansion in their water treatment chemicals production in the UK. From January 1, 2021, the output of the aluminum-based product line in Ellesmere Port will be increased by more than 30.000 tons annually.

“Kemira’s expansion plan in the UK progresses well. The production increase in Ellesmere Port is just the first step to significantly expand our supply capabilities to the UK water industry. The second investment measure in Goole is currently underway. By September 2021 we expect to raise here the annual production of ferric based water treatment chemicals by 100.000 tons”, says Lluis Sabate, Vice President of the Industry & Water Segment EMEA at Kemira. 

Kemira produces in excess of 350,000 tons of water treatment chemicals annually in its four manufacturing sites in the United Kingdom: Ellesmere Port, Goole, Bradford and Teesport. These products are used at water treatment facilities to produce drinking water from natural surface waters. They remove particles, color, algae and harmful bacteria from the raw water in order to safely prepare it for the final disinfection. In sewage treatment plants water chemicals enable the elimination of excess nutrients in order to protect the natural water resources from overfertilization.