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Kingchem Life Science acquires Apiscent Labs

Kingchem Life Science of Allendale, NJ (USA) has announced its acquisition of the business assets of the St. Francis, Wisconsin Company, Apiscent Laboratories. A total investment of over $3 million was made regarding the business assets and the real estate. A new company, Kingchem Laboratories – a subsidiary of Kingchem Life Science – will continue to employ all current staffing. In addition, at least 10 new employees, including QA, R&D and production supervisors and operators, will be hired in the coming months.
The acquisition gives Kingchem its initial R&D and GMP-manufacturing capabilities in the United States. Further investments of at least $2 million are planned for the Wisconsin facility over the next 1-2 years for equipment upgrading, capacity expansion, as well as construction of a new GMP kilo lab.
“Because Kingchem is a US-based company, owning assets in the US was Kingchem’s next natural step in its drive to better serve both its US and its global customers, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector,” said Kingchem CEO, Stephen Wang.
Kingchem is a group of companies with manufacturing, R&D, logistics and sales facilities spanning five locations in the United States and China. It offers core technologies in fluorination, chlorination, hydrogenation and organometallic reactions, as well as heterocycle and chiral chemistries with wide-ranging capabilities enabling the large scale production of complex organic compounds. The newly acquired assets will allow Kingchem to offer GMP service to the pharmaceutical industry.