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MFG Chemical launches new website

MFG Chemical LLC, a global leader in specialty and custom chemical manufacturing has launched a new company web site. The new web site was created as a result of MFG’s recent and projected growth, and the adoption of a market-focused strategy.

The top markets served by MFG include agriculture, asphalt, food industry, graphic arts, paints & coatings, lubricants, mining, oilfield, personal care, pulp & paper and  water treatment.

Earlier this year, MFG acquired a large chemical manufacturing plant in Pasadena, Texas, the company’s fourth plant. The newly acquired Texas plant occupies 25.7 acres, with 4 reaction trains, 16 current reactors ranging from 3,000 to 8,000 capacities, additional reactors being installed, and new product manufacturing capabilities.
The Pasadena, Texas plant acquisition has catapulted MFG into one of the largest consumers of maleic anhydride and producers of sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinates (DOSS) in the US. MFG also manufactures water soluble polymers, non-aqueous polymers, amides, esters, imidazolines, surfactants, and produces many sophisticated reactions required in custom chemical manufacturing.
Keith Arnold, CEO of MFG Chemical and Member of the SOCMA Board of Governors, commented, “We invite people to visit We’ve made it easy for visitors to find what they need. You can see the products we manufacture, including their chemical structures, the reactions we produce, and the markets we serve. ”
Jack Drawdy, VP Sales & Business Development added, “We hope that web site visitors will contact us. MFG operates world-class manufacturing of specialty and custom chemicals for many diverse market applications. We do this with complete customer confidentiality and plant safety, which are MFG’s core values.”