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NovAliX and Pierre Fabre partner on Natural Fragment Library for product discovery

NovAliX, a trusted provider of expert chemistry and biophysics services with cutting-edge screening techniques, and Pierre Fabre, the second largest dermo-cosmetics laboratory in the world, today announced that they have entered into a partnership to make the Pierre Fabre ‘Natural Fragment Library’ (NFL) available for use in biophysical methods and screening techniques developed and offered by NovAliX.
In line with its Open Innovation initiative, Pierre Fabre aims to reach a wide audience with its fragment library. To achieve this while staying focused on their field of expertise, Pierre Fabre Laboratories decided to collaborate with NovAliX, an international partner specialized in drug discovery and biophysics-based screening and characterization services. This cooperation will allow NovAliX to grant access to the Pierre Fabre NFL to its clients (pharmaceutical laboratories, biotechnology institutions and companies) for their screening projects.
“Fragment-based screening, an emerging field, offers valuable prospects for identifying promising candidates for drug discovery. With the Natural Fragment Library, our new Open Innovation initiative, we have decided to give access to our library of fragments, offering a high level of originality and interesting chemical properties due to their natural origin. These fragments come from our plant collection, the largest private collection in the world in terms of size and diversity,” said Frédéric Duchesne, president & CEO, Pierre Fabre Médicament (Pharmaceutical).
“NovAliX continues to evaluate technologies and collaborations to complement its current capabilities. The Pierre Fabre Natural Fragment Library is a great addition and alternative to our small molecule  micro-array SPR platform. The chemical diversity of natural fragments combined with our biophysical capabilities is a smart mix for initiating structurally enabled drug discovery programs,” said Denis Zeyer, PhD, CEO of NovAliX.