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Novel Concepts Medical Announces Over 99% Decrease in Breakthrough Lab Results of Lung and Breast Cancer

Novel Concepts Medical is proud to announce breakthrough results from its labs in Israel showing that its plant-based formula resulted in over 99% decrease in cell viability of breast cancer cells and lung cancer cells. Each of the cancer tests was performed three times in one of the premier labs in Israel located in Ness Ziona’s science park. The lab results showed:

MCF-7 breast cancer, after 48 hours of incubation: a decrease in cell viability of 99.68%

A549 lung cancer, after 48 hours of incubation: a decrease in cell viability of 99.65%

Novel Concepts Medical founder, Rachel Alkalay, PhD, said that the company will consider global collaborations in order to make it approachable for any person in the world.

Earlier this year, the company published a successful case study with a colon cancer patient. The study showed improvement with metastases in the patient’s liver and shrinkage of his tumor size after using our plant-based treatment. No side effects were reported of our treatment.

Novel Concepts Medical and its founder have previously been recognized for their work in the field of plant-based treatment. The company received the “Most Pioneering Life Savings Treatments R&D Company – 2023 Middle East” award from Global Health & Pharma Magazine, and Dr. Alkalay won “One of the top 3 innovative and Creative Women Inventors for 2023” award in the FICPI’s World IP Day competition