Nufarm launches Sumyzin 500 liquid herbicide in Brazil

Nufarm has announced that the herbicide, Sumyzin 500 (Flumioxazin), will soon be distributed in a liquid formulation in Brazil. The product, already being used by farmers for weed control, was previously sold as a wet powder.
Nufarm’s herbicide has an application recommendation for the crops of sugarcane, soybeans, manioc, eucalyptus, and pines. Sumyzin also received a registration extension for the crops of cotton, potato, coffee, onion, citrus and kidney beans.
According to the company, Sumyzin 500 SC is classified as a high-tech, selective and non-systemic herbicide, for the pre-emergence and post-emergence use on weeds. Nufarm added that the product was applied in Brazil’s entire agricultural frontier, helping to manage tough weeds such as hairy beggarticks (Bidens pilosa), Mexican fireplant (Euphorbia heterophylla) and Ipomoea aristolochiaefolia.