Cosmetics & Personal Care

Omya Kinetik: New specialty ingredients brand

As of January 2021, the former subsidiary Kinetik Technolgies has fully merged into the Omya Group and now operates under the name Omya Kinetik. The move strengthens the sales capabilities and natural ingredients portfolio of the specialty distributor for the cosmetics and personal care industry.

Kinetik became part of Omya in October 2019, but remained active in the market with its own brand, relatively independent of Omya Group’s own activity in the personal care segment. However, the new configuration into Omya Specialty Materials allows the two previously independent sales teams to combine and become one strong unit for the benefit of current and future suppliers. Omya Kinetik offers expertise in and products for:

  • Non-traditional preservation
  • Ingredients for natural formulations
  • High-performance solubilizers
  • Emollients and silicone alternatives
  • Thickeners and oil gellants

Stefan Lander, Vice President Consumer Goods, Group Sales & Marketing at Omya, explains: “We welcome Omya Kinetik as an equal member of our family! This gives us the opportunity to offer our clients a more individualized service for innovative ingredients, and react more quickly to the needs of the market. The interest in close-to nature-products is ongoing, and the demand for organic and holistic solutions is enormous.” The former owner of Kinetik Technologies and now Commercial Director of Omya Kinetik Christopher Johnson adds: “I am very proud of the Omya Kinetik merger. Once complete, Omya Kinetik will be a true force in Consumer Goods Distribution, offering class-leading product innovation, technical support and customer service. Most of all, Omya Kinetik will have a truly national presence, with three centers of excellence in Long Beach, CA, Cincinnati, OH and Hazlet, NJ.”