Cosmetics & Personal Care

Omya presents a new generation of natural ingredients with added-values for colour and skin care

At in-cosmetics Global, Omya Consumer Goods highlights Omyaskin minerals for decorative cosmetics. The cutting-edge composition of the particles provides high porosity and a large surface area. Therefore, the ingredient is able to improve textures and upgrade effectiveness of the end product. Applications allow for high absorbency power and provide a pleasant skin feel, great opacity and optimum coverage. For skin care formulations, Natural Calcium Carbonate ingredients from the company’s Omya care range are the right choice: Due to mastered particle sizes and exterior structures, the white minerals are a perfect match for a broad variety of solutions. The versatility of both ingredients will be showcased by prototypes such as lipsticks, foundations, body lotions and soap bars. Omya will furthermore introduce Cosmospheres – high-quality cellulose-based additives providing visual effects as well as carrier functions. 

Stefan Lander, Vice President Consumer Goods, Group Sales & Marketing at Omya, states: “More than 130 years of expertise in the treatment of natural minerals and a strong commitment to R&D enables Omya to create tailor-made ingredient solutions suited for holistic products.” One example is the COSMOS and NaTrue certified Omyaskin® range. Due to the particles porous structure, the composed minerals are able to absorb sebum, reduce drying time and deliver a matt finish. The inherent nature of the elements allows incorporated pigments to optimise both coverage and color of decorative cosmetics. Adding between one and ten percent Omyaskin to a formulation enhances the compressibility and also the ability of the end product to provide smoothness and a softer skin feel. Omya skin can replace talc and kaolin, and it substantially supports the performance of titanium dioxide in terms of coverage. Particles are appropriate for all kind of colour cosmetic applications.

The company’s Omya care range for skin care formulations consists of natural high purity calcium carbonate for several application forms with multifunctional benefits. As such, Omya care minerals can be used in a variety of products, including emulsions (o/w and w/o) and anhydrous (non-powder) formulations, to provide body and texture. They deliver smoothness and a pleasant skin feel when used in body lotions, body scrubs and decorative cosmetics, and are intended for better spreadability, reduced tackiness and less greasy feeling. Whatever the formulation, Omyacare minerals can be heated up to 85 °C and homogenized without affecting their properties. They are cost-effective ingredients and can be added to cosmetic products while still maintaining the quality of the formulation. As a matter of current concern, the particles can be utilized as a natural active and sustainable alternative to micro plastics.

These showcased highlights will be completed by the company’s huge distribution portfolio, allowing to complement all-round solutions. Celebrating 125 years of trading, Omya exclusively offers specialities such as colorants, texturizers and exfoliants to name just a few.