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OQEMA and LEUNA-Tenside start distribution partnership

Going forward, LEUNA’s specialty surfactants will be distributed in eastern Europe and the United Kingdom via the OQEMA network. The partnership expands OQEMA’s product range and supports the strategy of continual European portfolio expansion and harmonization.

LEUNA-Tenside, one of the world’s leading medium-sized suppliers of specialty surfactants, has concluded a partnership agreement with OQEMA. Going forward, the chemical distributor will be LEUNA’s distribution partner for eastern European markets, including Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. This allows LEUNA-Tenside to benefit from the OQEMA Group’s strong European network and knowledge of the market. Meanwhile, LEUNA-Tenside’s broad product range is a welcome addition to OQEMA’s portfolio and is an additional component of the chemical distributor’s European strategy.

LEUNA-Tenside’s standard products include the following product groups:
•    Non-ionic surfactants based on fatty alcohols, fatty acids, glycerides, and fatty amines
•    Anionic surfactants such as alkyl sulphonates and alkyl sulphonyl chlorides
•    Sodium isethionate and surfactants based on sodium isethionate such as methyltaurine and alkyl taurates
•    Medium- and long-chained chlorinated paraffins

The stated aim of OQEMA’s consulting and service-focused business strategy is to progressively ease the burden of distribution organization on chemical manufacturers and to procure more added value for them.