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Pharmapack Europe Award Winners 2019 – 22 Years of innovation

Pharmapack Europe announces the winners of the much heralded 2019 Pharmapack Awards. Due to the exceptional standard of entries, nine worthy winners were chosen across two categories: ‘Exhibitor Innovations’ and ‘Health Products’.
Highlighting what a stellar year we have seen across the industry for innovations, the Exhibitor Innovations category saw a total of six winners selected across three pharma specialisms. Phillips-Medisize and Stevanato Group received well-deserved recognition in the ‘Best Innovation in Drug Delivery Device’ class. Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Germany GmbH & Co.KG and Stiplastics Healthcaring were awarded as winners for ‘Best Innovation in Solid Dosage Packaging’, and Schott AG and Aptar Pharma for ‘Best Innovation in Packaging Material & Component’.
Three winners were selected in the Health Product category; with two winners receiving awards for ‘Eco-Design’, delivered in partnership with Adelphe; and one winner for ‘Patient-Centric Design’, delivered in partnership with HCPC Europe.
In the Exhibitor Innovations award, Phillips-Medisize was selected as one of two winners for ‘Best Innovation in Drug Delivery Device’ thanks to its Connected Health Platform (CHP). A safe, scalable and trusted medical device data system (MDDS) that enables pharmaceutical companies and drug delivery device developers to reduce risk, cost and time to market for connected health solutions. Stevanato Group also received a ‘Best Innovation in Drug Delivery Device’ award for their cartridge-based wearable device – which was designed to be a discreet, comfortable and usable alternative to pen-injectors, making the patient’s life easier even in a dynamic context.
There were two winners in the ‘Best Innovation in Solid Dosage Packaging’ class, one of which was Push Tab by Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Germany GmbH & Co.KG, an innovative child-safe alternative opening for strip packaging. The material used makes it easy to remove tabs by simply applying pressure without impacting barrier properties. The material is PVC free, cost effective as well as being suitable for all different climate zones. IQ-Dose by Stiplastics Healthcaring was the second award recipient for its efficient, easy-to-use device made for dosing and counting mini-tablets. This allows the administration of tiny doses, exactly adjusted to a patient’s needs, and is used in trial phases for paediatric medicine, as well as for specific treatments in Parkinson’s, oncology and psychiatry.
Schott AG has been chosen as a winner of the ‘Best Innovation in Packaging Material & Component’ for syriQ BioPure pre-fillable glass syringes – which are designed specifically for the biologics market, keeping sensitive drugs stable, easing administration and shortening time to market. QuickStart Injectables by Aptar Pharma was also bestowed an award for ‘Best Innovation in Packaging Material & Component’. Designed specifically for R&D labs, Biotechs, Start-ups and Universities, Aptar Pharma QuickStart is an innovative way to deliver injectable development solutions to pharmaceutical customers, demonstrably accelerating bench-to-market time.
In the Health Product category, three winners received recognition across two product classes – Medical Brands for the ‘Patient-centric Design’ award and RPC Bramlage and UCB Pharma for the ‘Eco-design Award’.
The Excilor 2-in-1 Wart treatment by Medical Brands, co-developed by Vemedia, was recognized for its stellar, ground-breaking innovation in the OTC wart treatment market and was awarded the ‘Patient-centric Design Award’. The Excilor 2-in-1 Wart treatment combines the two best-in-class technologies into a single device, providing faster treatment time and fewer applications.
Sterile Cosmetics by RPC Bramlage, co-developed with Pierre Fabre Cosmetic, is awarded as one of two winners in the ‘Eco-design award’ in the Health Product Category. The Sterile Cosmetics packaging is comprised of a sterile dispenser and airless container, including bag in bottle technology, which allows the patient to dispense sterile cream, but without the use of preservatives. The pump is 100% plastic and it is 100% recyclable.
UCB Pharma’s Cimzia 200mg/Vial Lyophilized Powder Pack, co-developed by Rondo, was also awarded a ‘Eco-design award’ in the Health Product Category for integrating new and innovative packaging features based on actionable insights garnered, focusing on package size, recyclability, sustainability and waste.
Silvia Forroova, Brand Director at Pharmapack Europe, commented, “I would like to congratulate all nine of the winners at this year’s Pharmapack Awards. They showcased a wide range of industry-changing discoveries in the field of drug delivery, packaging and automation. But I must also thank our partners – Adelphe and HCPC Europe – for helping to deliver what is now widely seen as a beacon of innovation across Europe. It’s such an exciting time for new products and developments entering the market, but most important are the benefits innovations like these can deliver to patients globally.”