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Piramal Pharma Solutions launches Xcelerate integrated solutions

Piramal Pharma Solutions (PPS), a global leader in Contract Development and Manufacturing Solutions, announced the launch of its Xcelerate Integrated Solutions platform to address a rapidly growing market need.

This platform will serve the increasing demand from pharmaceutical firms, both large and small, for preferred partnerships with organizations that can provide world-class solutions across a range of verticals – drug discovery, drug substance, drug product, and clinical trial services. Rationalization, restructuring initiatives, and consolidation among customers, combined with an increasing interest in virtualization have led to externalization of clinical program development as a preferred option. Recently, as Contract Manufacturing Organizations have developed scale and expertise across multiple verticals, customers have begun to consider ‘program based outsourcing’ for better efficiency on time, costs, and management.

Xcelerate Integrated Solutions stands out for its flexibility and versatility. For example, the extensive network of PPS sites across the globe allows customers to launch local – irrespective of whether it is North America, Europe, or Asia. The Xcelerate platform provides integrated solutions for orphan diseases, niche therapies, and fast track medicines, where the volume requirements are small, while also having the capacity and track record to address large volume needs of metabolic diseases and neuroscience therapies. The distinct footprint of PPS, with around half its sites in the East and the other half in the West, allows customers to manufacture the final API or Drug product out of the West, while back integrating into starting materials and intermediates out of its sites in the East.

Mr. Vivek Sharma, CEO, Piramal Pharma Solutions said, “We are excited to announce the launch of the Xcelerate Integrated Solutions platform. This platform is a result of the growing interest from our customers on structuring preferred relationships with global leaders such as Piramal who can offer end-to-end solutions, coupled with our desire to collaborate with strategic partners.”

He further added, “The Xcelerate platform sets the foundation through which customers can accelerate their programs from clinic through approval and launch. With a track record of successfully executing over 70 integrated programs in the recent past, and the associated learnings, we have now invested in capabilities and systems to provide a seamless experience to our customers.”

PPS offers platform solutions from Discovery through Commercialization with 12 R&D and manufacturing locations across North America, Europe, and Asia. Over the past two years, PPS has integrated these services together to offer a seamless solution to customers. In parallel, PPS has also addressed gaps in its integrated offerings through both, acquisitions and internal investments. For example, in oncology therapeutics, where there is significant customer interest, Piramal now offers a unique platform that includes high potency API, fill-finish, and Antibody Drug Conjugation (ADC) solutions. The integrated capabilities are augmented by customized IT systems that allow for real time access on program progress.