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Piramal Pharma Solutions recognised at CMO Leadership Awards 2018

Piramal  Pharma  Solutions (PPS)  is  pleased  to  announce  that  it  was recognised as a winner at the CMO Leadership Award 2018 in all six categories. The event was held on March  21st,  2018 in  New  York during the Drug, Chemical and  Associated Technologies Association (DCAT) week. Piramal  was  recognised across  all six categories – Capabilities,  Compatibility,  Expertise, Quality, Reliability, and Service.

Vivek  Sharma,  Chief  Executive  Officer  at  Piramal  Pharma  Solutions said “We  are  delighted to be recognised again  at  the  CMO  Leadership  Awards, this  is the sixth consecutive year  that  we  have won. To be one of the few service providers to be recognied in all six categories is humbling, and I would like
to  congratulate  the  entire PPS team  for  their  efforts. I  also  want  to  thank  our  customers  for  their continued trust in us, as we seek to serve the needs of the end patients.”

Vivek  Sharma added, “Piramal  Pharma  Solutions  continues  to  make significant  strides  as  we  build around  the  pillars  of  Customer  Centricity, Innovation,  and  Quality,  with  an  emphasis on  scientific excellence. We are focused on investing in our customers’ future needs, and be the ‘integrated partner of choice’ for pharma and biotech organizations, world-wide.”

7th  edition  of  the  CMO  Leadership  Awards,  conducted  by  Life  Science  Leader  magazine,  provides industry veterans with accurate  and reliable customer feedback  to assist them in choosing a reputable partner for their development and manufacturing needs. The recipients are evaluated by the customers they  have   actually   worked  with,  and  include   six  critical  categories  of  capabilities,  compatibility, expertise, quality, reliability and service. An award in any of these categories adds to the distinction and reputation of CMOs throughout  the global drug discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing industries.

This year, more than 110 contract manufactures were assessed by 23 performance metrics in ISR’s annual Contract Manufacturing Quality Benchmarking survey. Piramal  Pharma  Solutions is  the  Contract  Development  and  Manufacturing  arm  of  Piramal  Group  with operations across North America, Europe and Asia. Piramal is a global leader in integrated solutions and offers a  unique  platform  of  services  across  the  drug  lifecycle – from  drug  discovery  and  development through commercial  manufacturing  of  drug  substance  and  drug  product.  With  accreditations  from regulatory bodies from North America, Europe and Japan, our development centres and manufacturing sites  across  the  globe  have  a  pool  of  over  700  scientists  committed  to  research  &  development programs.  Our  capability  as  an  integrated  service  provider  &  experience  with  various  technologies enables us to serve innovator and generic companies worldwide.