Roche completes $1.9 billion acquisition of Flatiron Health

Roche has completed its acquisition of Flatiron Health, a New York-headquartered healthcare technology and services company focused on oncology, for $1.9 billion. The companies announced the acquisition in February 2018. Roche had previously owned a 12.6% stake in the company and now has acquired the full company.

Flatiron Health is involved in electronic healthcare records software services in oncology and the analysis and processing of data from clinical cancer research. Flatiron Health works with companies and regulators to develop approaches to incorporate routine clinical data into regulatory decision-making, including the design and validation of endpoints. Working with its network of community-based oncology practices and academic medical centers, Flatiron has also developed a suite of software products.

Under the agreement, the transaction value for the acquisition of Flatiron Health was $1.9 billion on a fully diluted basis, subject to certain adjustments. Flatiron Health will continue its operations as a separate legal entity, and its current business model, network of partnerships, and overall objectives remain. The companies say that the integrity of segregated patient-protected health information will be preserved as will dedicated sales and marketing, provider-facing, and life-science business activities.