Materials Science

SABIC launches lightweight panels of glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic resin

SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, announces the launch of STADECK, its new heavy- duty panel for the building and construction industry. Made from glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic resin, the panel is extremely lightweight and offers significant advantages across a wide range of construction applications and building techniques where weight saving is important.

Although the panels are low weight, their innovative construction and design makes them remarkably strong. Additionally, STADECK panels have great weather- and chemical resistance, have anti-slip properties and excellent fire behaviour. STADECK panels are NEN-EN 12811-1 certified which makes them a good candidate for scaffolding applications. When compared to standard wooden planks, commonly used in the building industry, STADECK panels are a more sustainable option, due to their excellent recyclability and weight savings, which can be as much as 60%.

“SABIC has always played a pioneering role in the development of ground-breaking new materials,” said Mr. Peter van den Bleek, Senior Product Manager. “The addition of STADECK panels to our portfolio of innovative products is further testament to SABIC’s forward-looking capabilities and commitment to delivering greater productivity, safety and profitability to our building and construction customers.”

The panels can be produced in different colours like wood, stone and grass variated colours – and come in the following standard dimensions, although custom lengths can be supplied on request.