Life Sciences

SEQENS has entered into exclusive negotiations with Novartis for the potential acquisition of the company CELLforCURE and its cell & gene therapy development and production site

With an annual production capacity of several hundred therapeutic batches, CELLforCURE’s platform was one of the first modular unit in Europe to enable large-scale industrial production of cell & gene therapies. With over 10,000 m² of facilities, including 6 independent and flexible GMP manufacturing suites, the know-how and long-standing skills of CELLforCURE’s teams and all the necessary authorizations, it is intended that this unique facility will offer large-scale GMP production services for clinical and commercial needs, to support the development of cell and gene therapy drugs through trials to market launch. 

With this contemplated acquisition, SEQENS has the ambition to rapidly develop a strategic activity that is unique in Europe, while maintaining the recognized know-how and skills of the CELLforCURE team. In addition, SEQENS will provide CELLforCURE with the recognised expertise of a world leader in its field, integration into its global network and a strong investment capacity to ensure rapid development. 

“If successful, this potential acquisition of CELLforCURE would enable Seqens to enter the cell and gene therapy segment with full force, drawing on the unique and recognised skills of CELLForCURE’s staff. Seqens would then have a unique and premium CDMO, combining the most innovative technologies to serve its most demanding customers. In addition, Seqens is committed to continue investing in Europe and France to maintain and develop essential and strategic units and skills for the healthcare sector” says Pierre Luzeau, Chairman of the Seqens Group. 

In case of positive outcome of the exclusive negotiations between SEQENS and Novartis, the execution of any contractual documents related to this potential acquisition will remain subject to the mandatory information and consultation of the competent employee representative bodies.