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SILAB wins Gold in Asia with ECOBIOTYS

Only a few months after having received the Bronze Award at in-cosmetics Global, ECOBIOTYS takes back center stage by winning Gold for the Innovation Zone Best Active Ingredient at in-cosmetics Asia (Bangkok, Thaïland). For SILAB, this additional prize rewards achievement in terms of innovation, an aspect at the centr of its strategy for almost 35 years.

Brigitte Closs, Deputy Managing Director, Research and Development, SILAB stated, “Today we welcome this second prize for ECOBIOTYS with great satisfaction as it embodies a real recognition, showing that our approach to microbiota is unprecedented and innovative. Indeed, as specialists in mastering nature and biotechnologies, we have chosen to take a cross-cutting approach to this theme by using the microbiota of plants, and more specifically that of floral nectar (Nectarobiota), in order to develop an active ingredient able to act on the skin microbiota.