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Simpler IUCLID Cloud now available to all REACH registrants

ECHA is opening the IUCLID Cloud for SMEs to all companies registering under REACH. The service was originally designed for SMEs and their consultants to help them in preparing their registration dossiers for the 31 May 2018 deadline by providing a simpler platform.

The Agency changed the terms of the service to support future registration activities, as companies will continue to submit updates of existing registrations and new dossiers. The cloud service will ease especially the preparation of small-volume REACH registrations.

The IUCLID Cloud fits your purpose best if:

  • You have to manage data for around 50 substances and the volume of data is low (does not exceed 1 GB)
  • You want to work online, with your IUCLID application always up-to-date
  • You want to benefit from a simpler interface and get additional support through step-by-step guidance to prepare your dossier.

If you have already started preparing your REACH registration with the traditional IUCLID software, you can easily import your data to the cloud and continue your work online. Also, if at some point you want to use the traditional IUCLID again, you can export your data back.

To allow the service to be used by all companies, an update in the terms and conditions is required. This means that, after the update, current subscribers of IUCLID Cloud will have to accept again the (amended) terms and conditions.

image IUCLID cloud