Staphyt awarded for best export performance

Staphyt has received atrophy for the best export performance from CCI France International, at a ceremony in Paris last week. The event organised by France’s CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) – under the high patronage of the French president, Emmanuel Macron – rewards French companies’ successes abroad.

Today, Staphyt is present in 33 countries: 17 countries in its own name and 16 other countries through partnerships. The company has been expanding internationally since 2009, with the recent creation of a subsidiary in Morocco (March 2018), the acquisition of the Austrian company TB Agrartechnik (January 2018), the creation of subsidiaries in Greece and Russia (December 2017). ), the signature of 9 partnerships in the Americas (April 2017), and the acquisition of the company Peracto in Australia and New Zealand (2016).

To unite experimental stations dispersed throughout the world and to combine international development and local affiliations , Staphyt has set up a management that promotes autonomy, entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of belonging: 10 Business Units organised by markets and geographical areas.

Staphyt is a contract service organisation specializing in experimentation and regulation. Agronomy is Staphyt’s core activity. A wide range of services is available, from product testing to dossier submission in order to obtain marketing authorization.

The company carries out experiments in the laboratory, greenhouse and field. Its strength: having its own network of experimental stations, now on 3 continents and at 74 sites. For the past 4 years Staphyt has extended its skills from agriculture to regulatory chemistry. It supports its clients from the regulatory watch to the preparation of registration dossiers.

Staphyt is a growing company with a consolidated turnover of  €39 million (projected figures for 2017), of which 60% is achieved abroad. It employs 450 personnel worldwide, with17 nationalities represented and 93% of the employees are on permanent contracts.