STK to present ‘The Hybrid Solution’ at BioControl LATAM

At the upcoming BioControl LATAM Conference in Medellin, Colombia, November 14 – 16, 2018, STK bio-ag technologies Country Manager for Colombia & Ecuador, Jose Antonio Estevez will present “Increasing Yields by Providing Current Non-Biological Users with an Easy Bridge for Using Biologicals: The Hybrid Solution”.
STK, the innovative Israel – based leader in bio-ag technology for sustainable crop protection and aquaculture, has developed the first highly effective hybrid, known as REGEV. 
REGEV is the first product of its kind in the market. REGEV is a pre-mix hybrid solution that  delivers effective and sustainable disease control in  a very wide variety of high-value fruits and vegetables, row crops, and even broad acre crops.  This is a breakthrough formulation which creates a bridge to future biologics use, enabling growers in all sectors and geographies to reduce their ecological footprint and thrive economically to better meet the demand for sustainable food protection.
REGEV requires no mixing. REGEV enables growers who have never used any biological product to try a biologic , experience an effective new tool for combating resistance, increase crop yields, sharply reduce chemical residues and make crops more competitive with consumers and regulators globally.
New REGEV hybrid pre-mix is currently being used by growers in 10 countries, with plans for global expansion in 2019, and has also been announced as a Finalist in the prestigious Agrow Award for “Best New Biological Product of the Year”.
According to Jose Antonio Estevez, STK Country Manager and Presenter at the upcoming BioControl LATEM Conference, “ I look forward to presenting the new hybrid technology and explaining how it  will revolutionize agriculture by bringing so many first-time users of biologicals into the market.”