Stream Bio extends launch of novel bioimaging probes to European markets with CliniSciences and Biotrend

Stream Bio Ltd, a company that develops and manufactures a range of revolutionary bioimaging molecular probes, is expanding the distribution network of its transformative Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticle (CPN) products across Europe. New agreements with life science distributors CliniSciences and Biotrend will make its products available for purchase in France and Germany respectively. 
Invented in the research labs of King’s College London, Stream Bio’s CPNs represent a new generation of novel molecular bioimaging probes. These highly fluorescent, non-toxic nanoparticles are set to revolutionise the bioimaging market with their unique brightness, exceptional stability, magnetic capability and suitability to be conjugated with a range of molecules. 
The novel probes have already been launched in the UK and Ireland with 2BScientific.  Distributing with CliniSciences and Biotrend, companies that market high quality products for in vitroresearch and diagnostics, is a major step forward for Stream Bio and its on-going plan to distribute worldwide. 
Available for purchase as of today, Stream Bio’s CPNs come in four emission wavelengths 475, 510, 550 and 680 nm, covering colours blue, green, yellow and red. Stream Bio’s CPNsT currently have applications in diagnostics and therapeutics, and have potential to be used in tumour imaging and fluorescence-guided surgery.
Stream Bio’s CEO, Andy Chaloner, said: “After the initial launch of our products in the UK and Ireland, we are delighted that our CPNs can now also be purchased in Europe. As a start-up biotech company, there is nothing better than seeing your product successfully brought to market. It’s an appreciation of all the hard work and a credit to the entire team at Stream Bio.” 
Steve Self, Commercial Director at Stream Bio, said: “We are very excited to launch our CPNs with CliniSciences and Biotrend in France and Germany, and look forward to extending this into a number of other EU countries in the near future. We are planning a rapid expansion of the CPN range over the coming 12 months, extending their utility into a number of new applications and widening their use in our key areas.”