Stream Bio launches novel bioimaging probes with 2BScientific

Stream Bio Ltd, a company that develops and manufactures a range of revolutionary bioimaging molecular probes, has today launched its transformative Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticle (CPN) products with life science distributors 2BScientific. 
Current bioimaging products have weak fluorescence and low sensitivities, which often fade prematurely. Stream Bio’s non-toxic molecular bioimaging probes, known as CPNs, are set to transform the bioimaging market. Our CPNs provide immense photostability and sensitivity (brightness), with a highly specific targeting and a magnetic cell purification capability – all while requiring no change to existing lab protocols.
The innovative CPN Products can be used in molecular imaging and R&D applications, such as flow cytometry, ELISA, FiSH, western blotting FRET, IHS and lateral flow assays. Available from today, Stream’s CPNs can be purchased in four emission wavelengths from 475 nm to 680 nm, covering colours blue, green, yellow and red.
Although Stream’s CPN products are initially aimed at in vitroR&D, it is hoped that the roll out of the technology will also positively impact in vivoR&D, diagnostics and therapeutics in the future.
Stream Bio’s CEO, Andy Chaloner, said: “As a start-up biotech company, there is nothing better than seeing your product successfully brought to market, it’s a justification of all the hard work and a credit to the entire team at Stream. We are delighted that our CPNs can now be purchased via 2BScientific, and we look forward to our customers discovering the wonder of CPNs and the positive impact they will have on R&D.” 
Dermott O’Callaghan, Head of Product Development at Stream, said: “The CPNs have an enormous potential to transform the sensitivity and performance of a multitude of pharmacology and in vitro biological assays and experimental systems. It is amazing to be part of the team bringing this exciting technology to the market and giving researchers across the life science and healthcare field access to the enhanced performance offered by the CPN.”
Steve Self, Commercial Director at Stream Bio, said: “We are very excited for our first launch and look forward to extending this into a number of other EU countries in the near future and ultimately world wide. We are planning on a rapid expansion of the range over the coming 12 months extending their utility into a number of new applications and widening their use in our key areas.”
James Bernard, CEO of 2BScientific, said: “The agreement with Stream Bio means we are now offering a novel range of products and solutions to the UK and Ireland R&D community. We are very proud to partner with such an innovative company and believe that the technology developed by Steam Bio shows excellent potential. We look forward to providing them our customers, particularly those using flow cytometry and microscopy to study disease.”