Materials Science

Stream Bio presents novel semiconducting polymer-based bio-imaging probes

Stream Bio Ltd, a company that develops and manufactures revolutionary bioscience products, has revealed how its unique conjugated polymer nanoparticles (CPN) can be used in imaging at the EPRISE ‘Photonics in the Medical Technologies and Pharmaceutical Markets’ event in Cardiff, UK.
The EPRISE project – Empowering Photonics Through Regional Innovation Strategies in Europe – supports SMEs working in the photonics industry to overcome market barriers. The event, organized by the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) and the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), was set up to give industry leaders a forum to discuss the requirements and opportunities in two key market sectors, medical technologies and pharmaceuticals, that could be addressed by photonics.
Dr Dermott O’Callaghan, Head of Product Development at Stream, was invited to present the application of Stream’s CPN technology in photonics to leading companies in the industry. He explained how the CPN technology has all the beneficial features of existing fluorescent markers, whilst avoiding the use of heavy metals. Having a polymer-based, non-toxic core means that CPNs have the capacity to bring many benefits of nanoparticle-based labelling to in vivo imaging and products, including human safety trials.
The range of applications of CPNs in molecular imaging includes flow cytometry, secondary Ab, FRET, ELISA, western blotting and lateral flow assays (LFA). Thanks to extreme stability and brightness, CPN technology can also improve the performance and reliability of rapid diagnostic tests, such as in tests for HIV and syphilis, and can be used in cell and deep tissue imaging. The ability to magnetically manipulate CPNs allows precise control of cell movement; enabling rare cell purification and tissue engineering.
Dr O’Callaghan said: This was a fantastic opportunity to discuss the exciting potential applications of CPNT and nanotechnology with the leaders and experts in the field of photonics; an area set to transform the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.”
Dr Tom Harvey, Strategic Programmes Manager of Healthcare Photonics at CPI, said: “Stream Bio’s novel fluorescent and magnetic nanoparticle technology seems very promising for a range of imaging applications in the life science market. The event was a good opportunity for companies working on photonics-enabled technologies to meet and discuss common problems encountered on the route to commercialization. In the case of optical markers for example, new products must have excellent stability and have no toxic effects.”