Sumitomo Chemical expects to add $1.76 billion to sales with pipeline agrochemicals

The business potential of the agrochemical products in the pipeline for Sumitomo Chemical could be 1as much as $1.76 billion, according to a company report released last month. Sumitomo Chemical’s robust pipeline includes products under the company’s A2020 and B2020 Projects, as well as products from mixtures and new formulations, biorational and botanical products.
The A2020 Project comprises four products which, combined, are expected to contribute $882-1,323 million USD to company sales.
  • A next generation herbicide effective against weeds have resistance issue
  • A plant growth regulator
  • A botanical insecticide for agriculture and household hygiene
  • A new insecticide to control resistant pests (under evaluation)
B2020 focuses on three fungicides and one insecticide, which are expected to be commercially avialable products by 2020. The business potential for B2020 products is about $441 million.
  • INDIFLIN (active ingredient: inpyrfluxam) is a fungicide for soybeans (e.g. soybean rust), currently under registration. Sumitomo Chemical company is collaborating with Bayer in developing mixtures of INDIFLIN in Brazil. INDIFLIN is expected to be launched around 2020.
  • PAVECTO (metyltetraprole) is a that could be highly effective against major plant diseases, and which Sumitomo Chemical is co-developing globally with BASF. It too is expected to be launched in 2010.
  • ALLES (oxazosulfyl) is a new insecticide to fight major rice pests.
  • Pyridaclomethyl is a fungicide for controlling vegetable diseases.
The company expects their efforts in research and development to contribute to business growth and portfolio enhancement by providing value-added products and services through technological innovation.