Supervisory Board of BASF nominates its candidates for new election in May 2019

Following the proposal of the Nomination Committee, the Supervisory Board of BASF SE has nominated its candidates for the election of shareholder representatives on the Supervisory Board at its today’s meeting. The regular election will take place at the ordinary Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of BASF SE on May 3, 2019.

The following shareholder representatives will be proposed for reelection:

  • Dame Alison Carnwath DBE (65), Exeter/England
  • Franz Fehrenbach (69), Stuttgart
  • Dr. Jürgen Hambrecht (72), Neustadt/Weinstraße
  • Anke Schäferkordt (56), Cologne

The following candidates will be proposed as new shareholder representatives:

  • Professor Dr. Thomas Carell (52), Professor for Organic Chemistry at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
  • Dr. Alexander C. Karp (51), CEO Palantir Technologies Inc., Palo Alto, California

The two new candidates will succeed Professor Dr. François Diederich (66) and Michael Diekmann (63), who are no longer available for reelection because of the length of their service.

Dr. Jürgen Hambrecht shall again assume the chairmanship of the Supervisory Board. Hambrecht intends to resign from the Supervisory Board following the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2020. As already announced, Dr. Kurt Bock, former Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE, shall be proposed to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2020 for election to the Supervisory Board following the statutory two-years cooling-off period. He would then assume the chairmanship of the Supervisory Board.

The guiding principle for the composition of the Supervisory Board is to ensure qualified supervision and guidance for the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE. In 2017, the Supervisory Board therefore agreed on new objectives for the composition, the competence profile and the diversity concept of the Supervisory Board. With the election of Karp, the competence area of digitalization and information technology will be covered as of 2019 and the competence profile thus fully met. In the succession of Diederich, Carell will strengthen the Supervisory Board’s knowledge in the areas of chemistry, biology, plant engineering and artificial intelligence and the related value chains.