Life Sciences

Sygnature Discovery invests £3.75M in Compound Management to provide cutting-edge hit finding capabilities to pharma and biotechnology customers

Sygnature Discovery has unveiled its latest investment in a state-of-the-art Azenta compound management storage system which also provides the opportunity to store customer libraries.

High-fidelity hit finding is a critical initiation step in any successful drug discovery project and is increasingly important as new drug targets become harder to prosecute. The seamless integration of HTS and compound management is important in identifying hits with high precision and confidence.

In parallel to improving the integrity of the overall compound to screening data process, Sygnature aims to increase the hit finding success for new and increasingly less druggable targets by

offering a tailored integration of hit finding technologies from multimodal HTS diversity screens, fragment-based biophysics screening and newly acquired affinity-selection mass spectrometry.

The new state-of-the-art Azenta compound management system, coupled with an increased HTS screening capacity, also enables the automated management and screening of compounds from various sources under one roof.

Sygnature can now store over 2 million compounds under optimal conditions for stability, and compound samples are tracked automatically via Titian Mosaic from the storage well to the final HTS assay data point. This complete end-to-end solution meets the current and future needs of high-quality HTS hit finding.

This significant investment forms part of the company’s longer-term vision for leading the drug discovery market in hit finding capabilities.

Colin Sambrook Smith, Director of Computational Sciences and Informatics at Sygnature Discovery, said:

“We are delighted to see our new state of the art Compound Management lab come on stream. This significant financial investment underscores Sygnature’s commitment to supporting the best science and recognise the importance of compound quality in almost every aspect of what we do for customers.  We look forward to storing both project and HTS compounds in a fully automated manner and in the best conditions.”