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SYN and SYNERGY - CPL Aromas France stages Atelier Olfactif

CPL Aromas France has, for the second successive year, hosted an olfactory workshop which this year was themed ‘SYN’. Staged in Le Marais, in the heart of Paris, the ‘pop-up’ multi-sensory event was built around the idea of fusion between natural and synthetic materials, based on the Greek prefix, ‘syn’ which lends itself to words such as ‘synergy’ and, of course, ‘synthetic’.

The invited guest-list for the ‘Atelier Olfactif’ included CPL Aromas clients who were immersed in what the organisers described as “a playful and fragranced scenography to discover natural and synthetic worlds”. The invitees were taken through different rooms where they were invited to smell and select their preferred fragrance accords.

  • The first room consisted of imaginary and graphic landscape displays that were paired with synthetic accords to smell that echoed the natural scenes.
  • The second room contained displays of synthetic materials in the form of plexi-panels which were paired with accords that were overdoses of one natural ingredient accompanied by synthetic ones.
  • The third room offered inspiration based on CPL Aromas’ unique AromaFusion technology- an exclusive range of ‘captive’ ingredients that are only available to CPL perfumers and cannot be copied by others.
  • The fourth space contained a pop-up laboratory where, under the guidance of a perfumer, a fragrance and a customised candle was created by each invitee using their preferred selected accords.

Popular accords throughout the event proved to be Cediris, Chypre and Pepper Fusion materials as well as KashmirFusion being on the preferred selected accords list of many guests.

CPL Aromas has created some of the world’s most iconic fragrances. CPL Aromas has 18 sites throughout the world. Employing 600 people globally the company produces fragrance concentrates for fine fragrances, personal care products and household applications. CPL Aromas has sites in: UK, US, France, Spain, Dubai, Germany, Turkey, Hong Kong, Colombia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan & Australia. CPL Aromas’ customers benefit from the company’s own leading-edge technologies: AromaFusion, the unique range of fragrance materials available only to its perfumers and showcased at the SYN event; AromaCore – encapsulation technology; AromaGuard – malodour technology; and EcoBoost, an environmentally friendly fragrance technology.