Syngenta launches long-lasting seed treatment in Argentina

Syngenta has announced the launch of Formula M, a new solution for seed treatment. According to the company, this technology helps achieve a high yield, reduces detachments and offers easy management. It is already used worldwide and guarantees that the product sticks to the seed. 

The company said the components of the formulation avoid the detachment of impurities and active ingredients, allowing the treatment to stay where it should be, over the seed. “This new technology helps to obtain a plant from each seed, achieving the optimization of resources such as water and soil, and uniform crops that will be the base to achieve a higher yield”.

With Formula M, producers that conduct their treatments in the field can achieve the maximum standards of quality, security and environmental care. It reduces the residue in the bags and improves the works because the treatment remains in the seed treated. The package lines are kept clean and the time changes can be faster, says Syngenta.  
Currently, Formula M is incorporated in all cereal lines in the treatment with systemic fungicides of wide spectrum: Divided Extra (difenoconazole), Vibrance Gold, and Vibrance Integral (difenoconazole + fludioxonil + sedaxane + thiamethoxam).