Syngenta presents Minecto Alpha for horticultural crops

Syngenta has presented a new multiplayer protection technology against the main insects that affect horticultural crops. The product is now available to farmers under the name of Minecto Alpha (cyantraniliprole + acibenzolar-S-methyl + bronopol).
The formula could be applied both via foliar and by irrigation, acting systemically to ensure superior control and long-lasting effects against multiple pests, such as sucking insects (whitefly and thrips), leafminers and Tuta absoluta.
Agustín Gómez, Product Manager at Syngenta stated, “The most remarkable thing about this technology is its multiplayer characters and the excellent control it presents over a long period of time. In addition, it acts as an inducer of the plant’s own defenses, which gives the plant extra protection by reducing the incidence of some persistent viruses. All this, in short, translates into greater tranquility for the producer.”
He continued, “Whenever responsible use of this new technology is made, Mine Alpha will soon become the product of reference, not only for field behaviour, but also because it presents an impeccable profile to be incorporated into the most demanding integrated production protocols.”
Reducing crop damage by increasing production and extending good practices and safe use of technologies are the sustainability objectives that Syngenta’s Good Growth Plan aims to achieve through innovation.