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Takara Bio announces partnership for the distribution of CE-IVD solutions for respiratory tract infections

Takara Bio Europe (TBE) announced today a partnership with the German company BioeXsen GmbH for the distribution of in vitro diagnostic solutions for the qPCR detection of common pathogens found in respiratory tract infections.

Respiratory tract infections are associated with high morbidity and mortality worldwide, and their symptoms may not point to a single diagnosis. In such cases, a rapid and accurate pathogen diagnosis is essential for appropriate treatment.

BioeXsen has been one of the leading suppliers of RT-qPCR kits during the Covid-19 pandemic. The reliability of their products, evidenced by their inclusion in the WHO emergency use list, has further improved with the addition of Takara Bio’s enzymes. Combining Takara Bio’s renowned expertise in molecular biology with BioeXsen GmbH’s state-of-the-art clinical solutions, the in vitro diagnostic medical devices detect more than 20 pathogens.

Ranging from the detection of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) to multiplexed detection of 24 pathogens in a syndromic panel, these CE-IVD kits’ simple yet efficient protocols have been tested and validated on commonly used instruments and can accommodate a wide range of samples, with an optimized turnaround time of 29 to 60 minutes. These efficient and significant solutions have already been used for more than 200 million tests worldwide, proving their versatility and suitability for all laboratories.

“At Takara Bio, we strongly believe that high-performing technologies are the keystone to accurate diagnosis” says Pierre Lacaze, Managing Director at TBE. “Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been committed to supplying robust enzymes and supporting our customers to develop and optimize their diagnostic solutions. We are proud to take another step forward in our partnership with BioeXsen GmbH to distribute a broad portfolio of vital in vitro diagnostic medical devices for infectious diseases.”

Klaus Skripalle, Managing Director of BioeXsen GmbH, added, “The synergistic combination of Takara Bio’s reliable enzymes and the cutting-edge technology here at BioeXsen GmbH will result in both higher specificity and increased sensitivity. This alliance provides us with enzymes of better calibre to our previous existing products, allowing us to increase our strength further, which is particularly pertinent at this critical time. As we have all learned during the pandemic, early diagnosis reduces the risk of hospitalization, decreases drug use, and minimizes the risk of death.”